Junction box wiring

How and/or would you comment on?

Thanks in advance.

Yes. Outer insulation is damaged and does not extend inside the junction box.

Also not anchored within 12" of junction box.

…and how much would you be willing to wager that the metal cover is not bonded to the egc’s?

By chance did you take the cover off?

I would of as there are only 2 screws unless poor access due to insulation/no floor to safely walk on.

Any other issues in attic/electrical?

Odd how they singled out the grounded conductor from the sheathing and routed it into another opening.

Amateur work for sure. Improper electrical splice in attic. This and any other defects a licensed electrician finds while making this repair needs correcting. Why didn’t they use the holes in the box made for the wires to enter?

Do you have a general statement to cover bonding at metal boxes, metal electrical components, etc. ?

It doesn’t matter.
“Improper wiring observed at attic junction box(s).”
Call electrician to straighten this and I am sure, other messes in this home!:mrgreen:

Got that.
I’m just looking for a general statement for bonding because I’m sure every metal j-box cover/metal boxes doesnt get looked at to check for bonding

Hey Robert! that sounds exactly what I would say. Is that from your own reports? The only difference is what I would say is certified electrician.

Must be different in Canada. States license electricians here. They do not certify. Certification usually comes from an educational institution or organization.

With your wording, you are recommending someone that could hold a certification from “Bob’s electrical school” but not be licensed to perform the work. In the State of Washington, it is against the law for a home inspector to recommend a non-licensed person for work that requires a license. (Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Real estate sales, appraiser, engineer etc.)

Not a general statement, no. But, I usually do check most metal boxes (with NM entering the box) to verify bonding.

Yes Stephen you would be correct that outside the realms of Home Inspection you would say Licensed. I do not agree with the ESA and I cannot tell you why. I can say that no client of mine has said to change it and the reason I use Certified is because I know the individual doing the work is under the wing of a ESA contractor and does not have or need a License just like any apprentice for easy house wiring.

Is there a code compliant way to bond the metal cover plate with that type of box?

Not that I’m aware of, but I’d much rather see it somehow connected to the egc, than not connected at all. Replacement with a plastic cover is generally my recommendation.

Kevin, It is mine. It is similar to what HomeGauge has pre written for some of their items. I like to use licensed on certain items because I’ve gone back for re-inspection and the repair by the handyman was just as bad as the first problem.

I agree and have seen the same! But I have also seen wrong dealings with ESA licensed individuals.
One slapped a sticker on right in front of my friend and did not even open the panel.
Another one of my clients also found that the ESA passed knob and tube tied in at the basement junction box among other things. He is fighting for compensation in regards to the new ESA stickers on a panel and the report saying new electrical approval.
I also found a panel that had a fresh new sticker and double taps plus grounds to a old panel boxes machine screws. My client walked away from this deal.
So I ask you, What is the license for?

I am more concerned with the notch cut in the box for the cables to enter than I am about bonding the cover

Hi Kevin,

For the record, in Ontario they are not referred to as certified electrician