Knob & tube & romex connections

This 1918 home had the basement re-wired with 20 amp romex and they spliced inside junction boxes to older knob & tube wiring. The 1st & 2nd floor wiring is all older K & T. Isnt the older K & T 15 amps? Some of the splices are outside of the junction box.

I called out an electrician to review all older K & T and the connection points.

Also at the main panel the connection point of the ground wires appeard to be improper. Sloppy work at the nuetral & ground connections. Isnt that one nuetral improperly crossing the hot bus bar?

94807 035 (Small).jpg

94807 022 (Small).jpg

94807 032 (Small).jpg

94807 030 (Small).jpg

is that asbestos tape on the duct work?

I do belive it may be. I called it out. I was more concerned about the 5 2x4 as the main house beam. I need to see what the bearing weight is compared to 3 or 4 2x8.

Knob & Tube is allowed to be spliced into Romex but it must be done inside a junction box. The wire caps are an improper spliced connection if they are not placed inside a junction box.

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