January Chapter Meeting 1/14 - 1/15

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a great Christmas!

Our next chapter meeting is January 14th & 15th in West Palm Beach. We will have a Social Gathering Friday night the 13th before the meeting.

I have set up registration here:


Besides Wind Mitigation and the listed chapter business what would you like to see discussed at this meeting?

See you there! It is coming up QUICK!!!

Special Thanks to Pilar Halstead for setting up our meeting location

We would like to strongly encourage meeting attendees to stay at our meeting location hotel.

The Hilton Palm Beach Airport Hotel
150 Australian Ave.
West Palm Beach, FL 33406
Group Name: FL Home & Insurance Inspectors Chapter of InterNACHI

Oh no! I will miss this one…

Too bad…it would have been good to see you.

Marketing…what does and does not work…I think that is a great topic

Thanks Michelle!! It was a little difficult planning our meeting during the high season in West Palm Beach. Thankfully I was able to find what we exactly needed.

I am excited to get together with my fellow home inspectors in a few weeks.

If anyone has any question of our West Palm Beach, please call me at 561-420-0277.

I’ll be there. This time I’ll be able to stay the whole event. Looking forward to it!

Jay, last month you were there Thur eve, drove back to Port St. Lucie and never were seen again!

Thanks Pilar and Preston. Great location. Easy to get to and close to everything.

I nominate Russ to present marketing tips.

Is there a second?

seconded and carried. DONE! Russ, you have the vision you have the job. Any Questions, just call me.
We will also be doing either an auction or a raffle at the meeting. The prize will be a $1000.00 check (to pay for the CMI certification) that I received from Nick Gromicko at the October convention that was held in Melbourne. So come one, come all. The money collected will go to InterNACHI Nickles the Home Inspector Charity run by Home Inspectors here in Florida.

Wow…very generous Aubrey!

I would be happy to give the marketing discussion. It will more or less be an open forum for all to participate and help each other and not a class. It will be more of a mastermind discussion to put our collective heads together and come up with ideas. Of course I can tell you what works and did not work for me.

Family vacation…That says it all.

Hope to see you in Palm Beach Pete.

I think someone (Michelle) mentioned something about a discussion on report writing. We could perform this in an informal discussion like what Russ would like to do the marketing. It would be good to share formats, language, what to include, and so on.

ill be there


I may actually be able to attend this one.


Would be nice to meet you Eric :slight_smile:


So where will you be staying?

All I have found was endless reviews of what a great place the Hilton Palm Beach Airport Hotel is on tripadvisor, yahoo, yelp, etc and no bed bug reviews that I noticed.

We have been there for many other functions and have never noticed a problem with their cleanliness and service.

It will nice to see you there. Hope you can make it.