January is National Radon Awareness Month

Here is a PSA…https://youtu.be/Kbcaj2S5QPQ.

Here is a great document to present to anyone who doubts that radon kills: https://www.nachi.org/deaths.htm

January is the best month for testing…
Also for reminders to everyone in your database for re-testing…
If you live in an area where “Gas Fracking is occurring”
even more important to Re-Test…,

Or you can show them one or all of these charts.


Did you read the links?


I prefer to side with official agencies rather than forensic applications consulting, Tom Macy & CATO.

If you were in a court of law arguing against a client that is suing you because they are non-smokers, got lung cancer, and you told them Radon was a myth, Your chances would not be very good.

Here are a few links they might use against you.




Relax. I don’t test for radon and don’t care either way. I’m not going to tell people anything about radon, because I disclaim it. You’re obviously biased one way, as are most people. I and everyone else can read all day about how “scary” it is, because it’s what’s fed to us in heavy doses, so no need to post anymore links. I was just sharing some other opinions to read with an “open mind.” Nothing more, nothing less. FWIW, I was surprised at how much money the radon industry generates. With that amount of money, I sure as heck could convince everyone it was bad, too. :wink:

Not a problem Joshua, it’s all good. :smiley:

I’d just hate to see you get sued for telling a client Radon or cancer caused by Radon, is a myth, whether that is your viewpoint or not, simply because of the amount of information out there stating that it is a problem.

Not to mention that The Ohio Department of Health requires one to be licensed to discuss it (consult) from a business standpoint in relation to a RE transaction.