Jaquzzi testing

Question- Are Home inspectors required to test the jacuzzi jets in the bathtub during an inspection.

I do. I wait until the water is above the (intake) then turn it on. Never leave it until you are finished testing it.


No. Most if not all SOPs do not require it.

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We always do. What new homeowner wants to sit in their tub and find out the jets do not work? And yes, if you are testing it, make sure the water level is above the jets.


I always do…but. I turn the motor.on for a quick half second first, just to make sure it is energized before wasting the time and water.
Then fill above jets and confirm it is working.
Once on…I also look for GFCI protection to confirm function, if there is an access panel or breaker.
Be prepared to rinse some mold down the drain. I use a small 1 gallon bucket from the van


Internachi SOP INFERS that you are required to test Hydro-massage tubs!

Also, be sure the jets are all pointed DOWN!!!


3.10. Doors, Windows & Interior

IV. The inspector is not required to:

  1. determine the adequacy of whirlpool or spa jets, water force, or bubble effects.
  2. determine the structural integrity or leakage of pools or spas.
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I do test for operation as others have said.

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I also test them.

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It’s not required but I do. As others mentioned the buyer wants to know that they work. Make sure the tub water is ABOVE the inlet (to prevent cavitation which can damage the pump).

Don’t forget to look for maintenance access. Had a few where there was no access door for the pump/motor (removing tile and grout to replace a pump motor is a poor install). Also check for a GFCI controlling the pump motor.

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We fill all accessible tubs, also run the whirlpool.

Yes, but note it does NOT stipulate anything regarding that it “operates”, just the “subjective use” of the ‘hydro-massage’ features of the tub.

IMO… another poorly worded statement by Internachi.

And… why the hell…??

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We do.

I find more than 50% of jets tubs leak. But they only leak once you fill it with water and runs the jets, and then drain it.

I’ve learned I never want one in my house. :sweat_smile:


What State are you in? Does your State have a requirement.

This is the Texas mandated SOP.

Hydro-massage therapy equipment.

The inspector shall report as Deficient:
    inoperative units;
    the presence of active leaks;
    deficiencies in components and performance;
    missing and damaged components;
    the absence of an opening that would allow access to equipment for inspection, service, repair or replacement without removing permanent construction or building finish; and
    the absence or failure of operation of ground-fault circuit interrupter protection devices.

As you can see we are required to test them.

My guess is to differentiate between the exterior hot tub (spa).
The whole wording and grouping in the industry is really ambiguous, even the OP’s heading is wrong as Jacuzzi is a brand name.

I agree


Another brand name


Note that I used the correct terminology of ‘Hydro-massage Tub’ in my post(s).

(One would think that Internachi would use proper terms in their courses also).

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I did note that.

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I test to see if the jets are working properly. I start filling the tub first, then inspect all other items in the bathroom while it fills. If I get finished with the other inspections and the tub hasn’t filled to a adequate level, I will wait until it does. I never leave the room while it’s filling. Check for access to the motor and how it’s wired. If there is a receptacle with a plug in, it should be a dedicated GFCI protected one, with exception if there is a dedicated GFCI breaker in the panel.

My software refers to this type of tub as a “Recirculating Bath Tub” which I use in any of my comments regarding such. No brand names or fancy terminology for what it actually does.