spa tub timer?

ran across an interior spa tub (jacuzzi) today that the control was on the opposite wall of the tub, but it was an on/off switch. I am recommending installation of a auto off timer control, but wondering if it is a requirement.
Home built in 1988.
Love the exterior pump installation too


No requirement for a timer. Why would you even think of calling that out? What’s wrong with standing up, getting out of the tub, and flipping the switch?

Not so much as a call out. I did not mark it as need for repair. But its just that is the first time I have seen a switch outside the tub that was not on a timer and was not sure why

How does a timer help? That just means you have to get up and walk across the room and turn it back on once the time runs out.

Timer is not a requirement but … The switch (and therefore the pump) needs to be on a GFCI and the switch cannot be closer than 5 ft from the water. Also the pump should have a disconect with in sight and less than 50 feet away. I don’ know for sure what the code at the time of install was though I believe it was the same back then. Hey at least the motor is bonded!