Jet tub on second floor

I had a jet tub leak that was on the second floor of a home and it flooded the house. Fortunately, It was the agents fault for not disclosing the info.
I was wondering if you guys always test them or not. Thanks

What does this mean.
What happened.

Good luck with that!
If you turned the knob, you are first in line for the liability!
How do you manage risk??

You either test it or you do not. No requirement to do so, IMO. It is risky to run spa tubs, however things failing under normal operating controls is not your fault. But the homeowner will likely sue you for damages anyway. You will win the suit after your insurance goes up and paying a hefty deductible.

This is what I say:
Though not required, I did not run the spa tub jets because I was unable to verify positive pipe connections which are prone to leaking.

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It was a pre inspection and I already knew the agent well. He also knew the client well. I just want to avoid this happening again.

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Since no one here really understands (yet) what exactly happened, it’s unlikely you’ll get any meaningful help, besides the obvious “don’t operate bathtubs” which isn’t really an option for most HI’s.

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The agent knew that the jet tub leaked but he forgot to tell me. The client was not home when the inspection was performed so I didn’t ask them about it. The tub was leaking from the jets and not the drain. The agent took the blame and the home owner was surprisingly easy going about it. I just want to know if I should not be filling the tub to test the jets. That is why it caused so much damage because I had to fill the tub above the jets. Also, I did look at the jets before I filled the tub and did not see any cracks.

Make a decision.

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Then what’s the point??

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Sounds like someone needs to read and understand their SOP. Next time you may not be so lucky. You are probably not off the hook if you caused the damage. Home owners and REA’s love to shuffle repair bills to home inspectors.

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Based on our SOP, we are supposed to fill and check tubs for issues. If you don’t, disclaim that you didn’t and why. Your client might not like the fact you didn’t do something because it could possibly leak and may cause damage. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? And yes, I fill and operate the jets when safe. Usually for around 5 to 10 seconds.

Btw, keep in mind this in the agreement, if you use InterNACHI’s;

  1. INSPECTOR assumes no liability for the cost of repair or replacement of unreported defects or deficiencies either current or arising in the future.
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I fill and test them all. I also verify or not whether the circuit is GFCI protected and make sure it trips with the test button.

I would rather find a problem during the inspection as opposed to the first time my client uses it.


That is for sure, Martin!

Chad, even if you go to court and win, you lose because of the cost to defend you.


When I have a jetted pump on an inspection I state “The jetted tub has concealed mechanical connections and was not ran during the inspection. Operating a jetted tub is outside of the Standard of Practice. It is recommended the seller display proper tub operation to the buyer prior to purchase”.

If someone is inconvenienced by my actions than too bad. I’ll live another day outside of the courtroom.


This is a re-run for some.
Million dollar Florida island home
There is a good reason why Home Inspectors do not turn valves!

I told all I did not evaluate the whirlpool tub because the secondary water supply valves were turned off & looked very suspicious.
The agent told me I was lazy & would turn them on… uh oh!


Marc I was wondering how long it would take for you to post that video. Apparently some people have never seen it :wink:


Thank you Martin.

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You’re welcome Chad hopefully you’ve learned something from this post :slightly_smiling_face:

So based on varying opinions, turning on valves to tubs, showers, sinks shouldn’t be done because undisclosed or non visible leaks may occur??
Based on this, I don’t think I’ll ever turn another water valve. Just disclosed I was scared…


IMO, running the faucets and showers for proper drainage per the SOP is different than filling a tub and running the spa jets.

So, I think an inspector has a decision to make. Similar to walking roofs, removing electrical panels, lighting pilot lights etc. etc.