Non-operational jets in jacuzzi tubs

The home I just inspected has 6 bathroom, all equipped with jacuzzi tubs, 3 of the 6 weren’t functional, the tub itself was fine but the jacuzzi part did not turn on when the button was depressed, the home owner said she doesn’t think they ever were even hooked up when the contractor built the home. Would this be considered 'major" defect or a “minor” defect since the tub itself was still functional?

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I never got into "major and "minor’ defects. They were just “defects”.

However, with what you describe in the way you do it, I would consider it a major defect until it was known why they were not operation. It could be as simple as a wire not connected to as complex as a motor burned out or something totally different.

Do you see why I just called them all defects?

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yes, i doubt it is the motor since this is the original home owner and she says they never worked from the start, but thank you for the help with the definition of the defect

GFCIs tripped?

they have never been functional since the contractor built the home for them, and they never seemed too concerned since those tub units never get used, so probably not a gfci tripped, but thanks

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Sometime there is a secondary wall switch that has to be on for the spa tub button to function.

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I have come across GFCI switches for jetted tubs that were “hidden”. The only way you would ever see them if you were in the private toilet room with the door closed. Yep! behind the door out of sight.

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I’m thinking the OP didn’t look for or test GFCIs. I’ve seen the switch in a closet as well, a GFCI receptectle behind the access panel for the jacuzzi tub, etc.

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Was there a motor/pump on the opposing wall outside or underneath thru an access panel?

That is where I have seen them most of the time, under the tub behind a panel.

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No, there are no access panels, as I said, according to the home owner, the original home owner, the one the home was built for, the first people to ever live in the house, those three jacuzzi tubs have never worked. The other three, the one in the master bath, and the ones in the other two large suite like bedrooms have worked, There is a large jacuzzi by the waterfall next to the indoor pool and fountains, and all of those work, but the jets in the tubs in the three smaller bathrooms never worked and she thinks the contractor just never hooked them up, she never worried about it because she never used them… I am not concerned why they didn’t work, I was just wondering if that was considered a material defect, major defect or minor defect. The fact that they don’t function doesn’t make the home unlivable or unsafe, and the tubs themselves still function, just no bubble and jets.

I suppose one would have to guess since the reason they don’t work is not known. JMHO. YMMV

FYIW, “Jacuzzi” is a trade name, not a product.


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HAHA, maybe the tubs that the OP is talking about has a Jacuzzi emblem on them. just messing with you guys. :smiley:

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It’s considered a jetted tub. Definitely not a material defect.