Jim Bushart (look what your missing)

Thanks Nick
Just want you to see what you are missing Jim
What has ASHI done with your money for you?


Just came Fed Express and no payoff involved
it is a member benifit

Bob, I’m glad you are enjoying those things of NACHI that you value most. I’m happy for you.

In answer to your ASHI question…along with the free online education they provide, I will be attending a free 8-hour seminar in St. Louis for FEMA certification. Not a heck of a lot, but I have accumulated enough microwave testers (etc) over the years to last me well in to retirement.


The mints were from me. :p;-)

Benefits of the club are what matters Jim.

It is about what saves my business money and helps me market to stay in business, so I repeat …What has ASHI done for you???

You made a mistake leaving and you know it.

The members would love to see a picture of you tearing up your ASHI membership card.
It is worthless

Bob, the mints were a HINT!:slight_smile:

Bob…I don’t belong in NACHI.

You see, I am nothing more than a “mere home inspector”. That’s all I do. I am not willing to risk my livelihood by doing $50 chimney inspections or pretend that I can certify a fire door during a commercial inspection when I do not even know the future use of the property I am inspecting. I don’t want to sell people bacteria for their septic tanks…or pretend I am qualified to do NFPA fire inspections.

I inspect homes and light industrial/commercial properties.

When we (members of my state) brought to the association certain issues that were threatening our abilities to inspect homes in our states…not only were we ignored, but were betrayed.

When we protested…we were told that NACHI is no longer an association for “mere home inspectors” and will never be again.

So, I left and joined an association for mere home inspectors. I do not agree with everything they do and am not afraid to be the ASHI inspector who proves to his legislature that NOT ALL ASHI MEMBERS support the proposed bill.

But at least it is a home inspection association. I hope that makes sense.

I hope you guys requested these on the thread Nick started last week.

I only asked for 25 copies and got this 15 pound box delivered to my door.

Not sure whom to give the mints to.

Jeff and Rick…how would you know what my breath tastes like? :(:):slight_smile:

When you quit smoking and get tired of spanking your monkey, you will be glad you had all those mints to suck on. Unless you have something else you prefer to suck on…:twisted::twisted::twisted:

Jim it is an association and if you feel that marketing is not part of it ,you may have made the right choice.

In Illinois we have the Illinois association just for that.
They are involved politically ,and all Inspectors of any brand (branding get it:)) can join.

You need to decompartmentaize your time and figure that this place is for education and marketing and of great benifit to many.

ASHI has it’s place also, and knocks NACHI more than you know.

I guess that’s ok with you.

The actual State associations that are all inclusive and not just NAHI,ASHI or NACHI are where you would do the most good and these are formed once Licensing is in place.

You can fight Licensing all you want , but you would have a better chance of counting grains of sand.

I am happy that you are happy that you sold out members such as John O, just to get some freebies. Way to go Robert. I hope you and Mckennna are happy together.

Sold out Who?

A member?


Did you miss my post on the BBB?

John does not feel sold out at all. Nothing wrong was done ,other than lack of transparency.

I am not an employee and I am not trying to make money off other members.

I will try to get John O post soon. Then you should get what is really going on. I am soorry I thought you was selling out. It appears you just do not understand. That can happen to anybody.

I do understand as I read every one of the 600 plus posts.
You may have read the post I made to Nick ,grilling him on where the money goes.

I thought long and hard about this subject and came to the conclusion that.

a) I am not in Law Enforcement
b) I doubt any laws are being broken
c) If I was a vendor I would be angry, but only because I would love to have all my free advertising continue.
d)some change has got to occur to produce revenue for the association
e)I enjoy many great benifits for my lousey little $289.00
G) You are asking me to keep things as they were and have my membership fee go up higher to pay for vend0r ads when I have no
horse in the race
H) I feel bad for John the member,not John the vendor

I hope this all makes sense.

When I come up with a product to sell to my brothers and hate the fees I will let you know.

So far I am just a lowly HI

Have a evening draw , so will check this thread later.

As long as it does not effect you everything is fine? Being strong armed is okay?
Bushart is the one who exposed this shake down of vendors. If it was not for Bushart we would not have know about these wrong doings.
As it was explained several times you would have been paying more through NACHI preferred vendors. But your dues would not be raised.

I would prefer an association that addressed the issues that affect my profession…and to market my profession. My job is to market my business.

Thanks Robert! Our shipping dept. has been on perma-vacation since Christmas, so I’m doin’ all the packin’ here.

Don’t mean to rain on your parade JB, but those seminars are free to anyone, I have done 2 already.

And Jim, Dr. Keith Swift is still 6 feet tall.


When’s the last time you checked? Rumor has it he shrinks an inch with every bowel movement.