Jim Jones and the COVID shot


2 very evil criminals



The FEC refused to release Obama’s actual misuse of campaign funds. Trump’s crime is also based on misuse of campaign funds.

We have no idea if they are the exact same misuse of funds. One President received protection from the press, the government and prosecutors.

Hillary received protection from the FBI’S James Comey.

Hard not to see the the political persecution.


His crimes are much bigger… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Let me give you a view of the 2024 future… Trump is tried and convicted, but he makes a deal with DeSantis not to run as a 3rd party candidate as long as DeSantis is willing to pardon him. DeSantis agrees and becomes president, but will renege on his deal with Trump if the algos predict he’ll lose reelection in '28.

We’ll never know. Obama’s were sealed. In Trump’s case, both the DOJ and the FEC passed on filing any charges, fines etc.

But thank God for over zealous political state prosecutor’s, eh?

My prediction, it’s a big nothing burger. But, if the prosecutor can duplicate a big hoopla like the Florida raid or even better the Roger Stone arrest, it will be an optical win for the Dems. Which is all that matters, right?