John Bubbler Thread

Can we rename this the John Bubbler thread? Until he adjusts his medication at least.

It would be nice to have a separate dedicated forum since there are many posts.

How about “Bubbers Bubbles”.

Then his endless stream of thought bubbles could have a home.


I not have friggin problems with bubbas bubles, I like to me edumacated with the stinky *** a nine interior basement water proof fraud.


Meds r goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood, almost as good as milk.

George and test farts
…QUESTION, did you ever have ta fart on a bus or an airplane or in some public place, BUTT… you hadn’t been farting all that day…

Here was Bubbmilk in DUH hospital as a YUNG UN, his first taste at :30… GOT MILK???

I actually vary rarely look at this section because of this. Hey each to his own.

I agree, Bubber has made this forum his personal rant zone and I’m tired of it.
Especially as he is a guest.

they shtt on me and all i have done is post numerous photos and videos of why/how most basements leak, have some mold or efflorescence on the inside wall AND, that some home inspectors are incompetent knuckleheads when they tell homeowners who have a leaky basement to raise and slope the damn grade, awwwww your feelings hurt because you’ve been wrong and incompetent on these points?

say again, any home inspector who actually tells homeowners with leaky basements to raise and slope the grade of extend the downspouts 5 miles away are incompetent on this subject and need to cough up that inspection fee because…for the nth time, YOU fcd up!

i rant because apparently they are many more HI’s than you guys think who do/say this incompetent shtt YET, oh no, far be it for these HI’s to shtt on them/call hem out, oh no could never do that. What the fkkk don’t you get? Homeowners, mostly buyers are the ones getting screwed over by that incompetent bullllshtt. Instead of getting this subject right and actually caring about their clients, homeowners, they biiiatch and moan and cry that i post and rant too much, such professionals.

eh, you chumps have a choice, read my shtt or don’t read it… but they continue to cry like the puzzies. I sometimes rant and post videos etc for, the benefit of homeowners, YOU CRY because i post this stuff, really??? loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolll

some HI’s crrrrrry, actually moan and biaaatch because… i continue to post videos and photos of why/how basements leak?

you CRY… because i post the truth? ;looolllll

really? such caring and professional home inspectors you are. Instead of learning something that would truly help your clients, you CRY!!!

go ahead, cry some more, get all your tears out!!!

Wrong…The Bubster is a registered student member.

He comes here to help, unlike several others that post here…if you know what I mean

Yep, Michael’s got it. Look past the crust and you’ll find the help some are missing. :slight_smile:

thanks gents… eh, the primary reason for the way i spell etc was just to break up, inject a little humor into this shtty scamming subject, fk n a. Been posting here since 2005 or 06, to try and reach a couple homeowners before they get RIPPED OFF and maybe a home inspector before he/she coughs up an inspection fee or worse.

‘SOME’ Nachi members shtt on my azz because… i post photos and videos of real basement waterproofing and, the scams… that’s some real sad shtt about ‘some’ Nachi home inspectors.

‘SOME’ home inspectors are PART of the PROBLEM on leaky basements, yes they sure are.

Just keep posting your stuff, it’s good info and some of us get what your doing.
Some of the crap you see, we as home inspectors will never see, as we don’t dig down and hopefully some will get a clue from YOU to help our clients. :wink:

Agree with the above Bubba, keep going.

Bubba is ok :cool: