John Bubber Thread

Is it time?


Shame we don’t have leaking basements in the Valley…because there isn’t a thing I don’t know about repairing them…Ole’ Mark is a good ole’ boy…:lol:

Funny as hell too…:lol:

I suspect that John/Mark is very knowledgeable about what he does. I just can’t follow his posts to know for sure. If I was a chapter president near John, I would ask him to speak about dampproofing foundations at one of the meetings. I would imagine it would be both informative and entertaining. …Seriously


damproofing? wouldn`t waste much time on that :mrgreen:

why bother to spray/roll a thin coat of asphalt/tar on walls and
then apply no visqueen/no protection and then backfill with most-
all of same lousy soil/bricks/blocks etc against walls.

then to have some call ‘damproofing’…waterproofing is

Mark is very knowledgable and, if I ever need to fix some basement water penetration problem, I will read all of his posts in their entirety…not!..but I will call him if I can’t figure it out. :smiley:

Umm, per ‘who da heck is Johnnie Bubbster’

Got Milk?

You know your $hit Mark…!!!

                Company Name:                                  
                                                                                               Mark's Basement Waterproofing                             
                                                                                                      Company Address:                                  
                                 20936 Harper Avenue

Harper Woods, MI 48225
See the location on a Mapquest Map
See the location on a Google Map Original Business Start Date:
1978 Principal:
Mark William Anderson , Owner
Phone Number:
(313) 881-8035
BBB Accreditation Status:
This company is not a BBB Accredited Business Type of Business:

will never pay to be a member

now thats 0…ZERO customer complaints in 30 yrs, total

just to put that up against a few of the so-called big boys.
Bullwinkle know-it-alls

these guys do injections…

Hey, those customer complaints are just within LAST 36 months fer pete sake

Mr D, TY sir :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: …i twwwwwy

Merry Christmas, CKLW style

'i be STROKIN…thats what i be doin Clarence Carter

Same to you Mark…and I enjoy reading your posts…!!!..:lol:


Check out lil Lady at :24 mark, sheeeessh! GOT MILK?

Clarence Carter/Slip Away

Like to find that under my tree Christmas Mornin`

I thought he’d get a better rating from BBB than “satisfactory” though. I think they’re trying to read his posts using a mirror.

Johnny Bubba here,rocking `n rolling into the New Year!

-Mandatory Arbitration Stacks Deck Against YOU, yeppers,0,5227114.column

…‘these arbitration clauses are popping up everywhere and the problem is that very,very few people are conscious of the issue.The vast majority of Americans don`t read the fine print of contracts.COMPANIES KNOW THAT,RELY ON THAT and TAKE ADVANTAGE of THAT by SLIPPING these clauses into fine print’

and what does the BBB offer it`s paid members? …milk? :mrgreen: No…
…A r b i t r a t i o n

Don`t You Care??? The Buckinghams