John McKenna demonstrates how to do inspections with an infrared camera. Watch now.

Looks great, John!!


Now I want a commercial :frowning:



I would change the music, though. Sounds like a porno movie, a little. :mrgreen:


Ah fudge, thought it was pr0n.



Try not to day dream while watching the video…:slight_smile:

All right John, good one. You look different from your avatar.

Very nice !!!


Ha!..Ha!..I guess I’ll watch it now.:stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’ve seen it.

Good informational video, John…

…try not to move side to side so much…you slowed that down toward the end.


I had to go to the bathroom… :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Nice job John, I’m jelouse :wink:

My first thought was that you should have went to the bathroom first.

Great Job John!!!

You are the BEST ambassador anyone could ever hope to have for NACHI, CMI, AND ITI !!! Keep up all the good work that you do!

Nobody ever does!!

I’m hoping some day that I will look like Mario…:mrgreen:


You might as well John!! Members like Ken wouldn’t recognize you anyway!!

Looks good John…That rockin from side to side was making me sleepy…When John is a rockin dont come a knockin.:mrgreen: