NACHI.TV releases Consumer and Real Estate Agent's Video Guide to Thermal Imaging.

Please watch the video and tell us about any corrections it needs.
I have noted a couple of boo boo’s. Thanks for your help.

Editing in process at this time.

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Visit my site to see an example of how it looks and works.

Boo boos fixed.

Nope… there more now than before… LOL

They just did some editing a little while ago and now there are
serveral images out of order… They probably cannot fix it
until the morning.

Great work John

The crew did a fantastic job putting this all together.
They are working out a few bugs… and it will be a good tool for everyone.

Few more bugs… hold on.

Bugs fixed, enjoy!

Looks good and should work as a good tool for inspectors
to communicate their infrared service to the client. I already
have people showing it in various places that said they had
been looking for a video just like this.

Thanks for Val, Ben, Paige for all your hard work. Thanks Nick.

Thanks John! You did an awesome job. Can’t wait to have you back out here!

Why? You want to beat him some more? :wink:

Ha Yeah that was fun. He was asking for it…He got in between Paige and me.

John, not trying to be critical here, but I could see everyone of the moisture issues in the regular photos, you might want to find some different photos. But it is a great video.

That must have been frightening indeed! :smiley:

I have some photos where even the owner (who hired me) couldn’t see, though they knew they were there in past history (thought all was fixed).

John, you can look at what I got next week when your in town.
I still plan to stop by class. I want to talk with you about your new car! :slight_smile:

If you need any help with anything (I’m sure you have it covered) give me a ring.

I really like your “To the Realtor presentation” your developing (as we discussed earlier). Just need permission to use it. You can follow up on Realtor CEU training if it flys. I’ll try to get you in the door(after me ;-))

Sounds good.