New episode demonstrates IR camera in use. FREE.

Please watch the video and tell us about any corrections it needs.
I have noted a couple of boo boo’s. Thanks for your help.

Editing in process at this time.

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Thanks John!

No… I should be thanking you Nick.

Nick and John,

Very well done!! Nice presentation :slight_smile:


Well done John,

At minute 8:40 to 9:10 you mention a hand print on the wall but a picture is shown of Flex duct in a widow alcove. Another bug to fix?

They just did some editing a little while ago and now there are
serveral images out of order… They probably cannot fix it
until the morning.

Fixing now… hang in there.

Bugs fixed… enjoy!

Hold on there, guys.

It does NOT teach “IR CAMERA USE”, but does show some applcations.

As with everything, knowing (academic learning) and using (practical knowledge) must go hand in hand. To do otherwise, you are headed for a big fall.

I know that NACHI wants to promote and educate, but there are no easy answers. Anything that is worth anything takes time.

John’s video is a great promotional tool, to educate the public and the Realtors, but it is NOT an educatonal tool to HIs who want to do IR.

Sorry if I am coming across as a spoil sport, but if you have an IR camera, PLEASE, get some formal training. Too many guys in my area are advertising IR, just because the have the camera. They have no training and cal out every little blue area as water intrusion.

If it were to be done, tis best done well.

Hope this helps;

That is exactly what the video says. Agreed.

Nick gave the thread a title with the word “teach” in it, but relax
and verify that the information in the video agrees with your
comments 100%.

My bad. Will, I fixed the title of the thread. Good catch.

Excellent job John!

Is there anyway I can download that video or get it on DVD?

If you have watched the video, it is already in your IE cache.

You can download this free tiny file to view your IE cache
and then look for “episode33[1].flv”

There are other methods to see the cache, but this is
one way if you have windows XP.

The size is approx. 60MB.

I just burned it on a CD for my son to give to a person
that wanted to see it.

No slam intended, Nick. Iron sharpens Iron.

Good video, John. One of the most frequent questions I get is, “what is Thermal imaging?” This video answers that question. The sport coat was also a great touch.

Will, at least we didn’t need sunglasses to watch!

Your choice of colors would be highly accepted in TN! :wink: