Join me in wishing CMI Russell Spriggs happy birthday. Member for 14 years.

Happy birthday Russell.

Happy Birthday, Russell! I hope you enjoy many more.

Happy Birthday Russell!!!

Happy birthday Russell.

Birthday cake.jpg

Happy birthday Russell.

Thanks, all you old coots!!!:wink:
Being a member of NACHI has certainly been one of my life’s greatest joys. I’ve met hundreds of top-notch folks, inspecting both in Colorado and here. As a NACHI Ambassador, Nick sent me cross-country and even to Puerto Rico. I started to list names of friends and mentors, but realized I’d leave out scores who might feel left out (hey, I’m 64 and use mental floss, what can I say??!!):shock:
So, I’ll just settle for one . . .
Thanks and Blessings, Gerry B! Watch out for the Killer Rabbits.

Gotta go see if one of my goats has kidded yet . . .stop by & visit at!

Happy Birthday Russell!!

Happy Birthday Russell and may you have many more. :slight_smile:


Mark, your pen from 5th grade must be still 90% full of ink.:wink:
I’ve always been overwhelmed by your loquaciousness.
Reading David Copperfield must have been excruciating to you!
Love ya, brother . . . .
“Very Nice”

Happy Birthday Russ. Hope you are staying warm over there. Best to you.

Happy birthday my old friend!

Happy Birthday Russell!

Happy Birthday Russ

Hey, Steve!
Sub-zero again last night; over 50 inches so far this year. Not exactly '07, but we’re not done yet!!

Peter, Gary, thanks for the friendly voices from the North East!

Dominic, Dominic . . . .
What can I say??!!
Thanks to your report format (which allowed me to import my own MS Word report, AGES ago!), we’re famous - or infamous - for the amount of detail and helpful hints we include. Clients love it; agents around here call us when they are buying a home for themselves or family!!!
Jeanne’s doing great majority of insps. I’m mostly doing mold testing, plus, plus these days.
As always, our best - and thanks - to you!

I’m glad to see that you guys are kicking butt! I hope at some point you’ll attend a conference so we can meet up again. It’s been a long time.