Please join me in wishing happy birthday to CMI Russell Spriggs. Member for 11 years.

Happy birthday Russell. Has it really been that long?

Russell, you’ve been a great friends. I hope you an Jeanne are doing great. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy Birthday Russ.

Pretty amazing to me, Nick, that over 11 years ago I (in Colo) called you (in Pennsy), asking about NACHI, and the career move I was contemplating.
To say you were “supportive” is an understatement, and has always been appreciated.
I’ve been in this vocation longer than any other in my military / civilian life, and have never regretted it or looked back.
That was the beginning of my “No TV” days, as I spent hours every night reading on the Message Board (I didn’t have the balls to post on the MB for 6 months, in Nov!).
There was only about a couple dozen of us active on there at that time, and, boy, did we learn a lot from each other. There’s still a relatively small core group on the MB now; just the names have changed.
Then the early years of NACHI Conventions, parties, and intrigue. . . . wow.
Then you sent me as NACHI’s Ambassador to Puerto Rico, and I’ll always treasure those memories with Mary & the gang there (as does Jeanne!).
So, after creating the Colo Chapter, A$HI tried to get itself dubbed as the Official Home Inspectors of Colo. Wasn’t that fun, you flying out a couple times, as we all banded together to squash that bug!
Just before your move to Colo, I upped & left for our farmstead in the Idaho mountains.
You still helped me out, coming up to tour Idaho as we created the state chapter here, and I’ve enjoyed the occasional visits back to StoneyLand… It’s unfortunate that the sprit de corp of COLO did not get duplicated in Idaho; we had some fun meetings up and down the Front Range.

InterNACHI is a testament to your dedication, and I appreciate you, the staff, and fellow members immensely as I enter my 62nd year!
Blessings to all-

Dominic, you are next on the list of my Most Powerful Influences re HI!
I’d created my own report as a Word Doc and used it for several years, as I could not find any platform that I could adapt to my needs. All others required that I adapt to them.
As much of a PC dinosaur that I am, I recognized that HIP was “it”, and I thank you for your patience and support!
We were actually an “underground” movement, with me part of your beta tester team, and it felt like party time when the Big Release of HIP came about.
You’ve gotten to the point of including features that are above my pay grade, but there’s no question in my mind (for what, 7 years or more?) that HIP is the best for reports and hosting. Again, many thanks!

Thanks, Stephen!
As they say, I’m not as good as I once was, but I’'m (almost) as good once, as I ever was!

Hi Russ.
Miss you here.
Still remember that Meth report you sent me long ago.

You are a great asset to the membership.

Russell,Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Russell .

Happy Birthday Russ…

Happy Birthday Russ!!!

hbr! miss seeing your posts

Happy Birthday Russell.

Have a great day!! :smiley:

Time flies when you’re having fun…

Happy Birthday Russ.

Hope you have many more.

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Russ

Happy Birthday Russell and may you have many more. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Old Timer :wink:

Hey, Thanks, Guys!
Yep, I know, I’ve not been around much lately; seems like with inspections, mold testing, gardens, greenhouses, chickens, beekeeping etc, I’m pretty booked up.
Still don’t watch TV (except for NetFlix movies), but I do enjoy skimming the MB and checking alternative news sites on the net at night, finding out what’s really going on out there . . .
Glad I’m not raising kids these days!

Happy Birthday, Russ!..and , here’s to enjoying the remainder! :slight_smile: