Joist hangers and screws

Can you use screws to secure joist hangers? My recollection is no. Help appreciated.

That is my understanding as well. There are fasteners that are specially made for joist hangers.

No they cannot. See…

-The photo at the left shows 10d x 1 1/2 and 8d x 1 1/2. The numbers on the heads are often hard to see.
-Photo #2 shows the three most common, including the checkerhead 16d vinyl-coated sinker.
-In photo #3, 1-4-5 are acceptable for most connectors and are by far what’s most often used.
-Photo at far right shows hanger nails installed. You can identify them by their thick heads and the numbers if you can see them.

hanger nails installed - Copy.JPG

hanger-acceptable nails.JPG

Hanger nails.JPG

hanger nails- comparison.JPG