Joist notched for anchbolt.

This is a brand new home in middle TN. Whoever laid out the anchor bolts didn’t talk to the framers.
Here’s what I have, about ten 2x10 joists with on average a 3" deep “V notch” to make way for anchor bolts. Some don’t have much bearing either.
I think the notch is too deep but in regards to it being located at the end of the joist, does that change anything?
How should I write this up?


Give it a try

How much bearing on the sill plate?

Do you need to borrow my glasses?

They had 1-1/2" bearing on the outside end of the notch. Thanks Frank.

His tape is obstructing the view of the edge of the notch. Don’t want to ***-u-me assume

Let me guess 3 1/4 inches.

Don’t worry Frank, Roy will figure it out in a minute…

By the angle of that cut, I would say about 1" of bearing. That joist could have been placed next to the bolt without notching it at all.

The bearing needs to be on the “inside” of the notch. I’d like to see 1 1/2". AndI agree with Brad, it was stupid to notch it.


Well since that joist is not even bearing down on the sill plate, I guess it would not concern me to much other than sloppy workmanship. :slight_smile:

As you can see in these photos there is hardly any bearing in front of the notch. Does it matter if the bearing is in front of the notch or behind the notch?

There was about ten of these and they’re all a little different.

A spade bit would have been a lot cleaner looking, but that is just me.
And the comment of location, well, the foundation contractor sets the bolts and then leaves.

The notch is your weak point. The bearing needs to be on the load side.

Thanks for your input.

That makes sense. So whats the recommendation? Sistering?

IMO that would be the very least to do. Someone screwed up that job.

Call it out for repairs by a contractor. You shouldn’t be suggesting repair options.

They then need to bore for the Romex again as well eh ?
On second thought maybe a big V notch at top will work.:slight_smile: