Joist to beam connection with ledger?

I don’t see this often but would this joist to beam connection with the ledger strip be considered correctly done?

Nope, two nails under each joist. in the side, would be satisfactory, if that is a 2x2 ledger.

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NO, the 2x is nailed under the beam. The ledger should be nailed to the side of the beam.
floor joist on ledger

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Isn’t that a 2x2 ledger?

Or, is it a 2x nailed to the bottom of the beam?

I refer to this structural component atop the columns as a Build Up Girder due to the flange. The joists are resting on the flange.
A: Missing blocking to prevent rotation.
Suspect: Inadequately fastened flange.
Inadequate joist toe nailing.

What about the columns?

This was a 2x10 that was nailed to the bottom of the beam. The 2 x 10 rested on top of the piers.

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CMU block columns.
Poor mortar bond. Missing mortar.
No visible footing/s. Wicking stains which leads me to believe the strata is or has been saturated.

What is a pier foundation?

A ‘pier,’ or pier foundation, is a collection of 'large diameter ‘cylindrical columns,’ to support the superstructure, and transfer large super-imposed loads to the ‘firm strata below.’ There would be drilled caissons.

Hope that helps.

The nails holding the ledger are in withdraw. You want to nail the ledger from the side so the nails are in shear.


Like the other Robert, I am more concerned about the piers. But I would simply state, “The floor joists are improperly supported and need further evaluation/repair”.

The 2x10 does not appear to be pressure treated either and is in direct contact with masonry. Attachment is not correct. Just have them replace the ledger with joist hangers and it should be fine.

Water stains on piers, could have been standing water in there at some point. Doesn’t looking like wicking, the top water line is too dark.

Grey staining at floor joists indicates moisture and possible mold there as well. Appears to have been encapsulated at some point (blue rigid insulation at walls, first pic)

the whole setup is incorrect. is it a addon to the main house? or is it the main house?
looks pretty new, no way this passed the framing inspection. unless its in a rural area that does not have to follow code.

Good observation. Water line is also too straight.

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