Josh Sutton Dalton & Co Realtors How to keep water out of your basement

‘Hey’ Josh…:mrgreen: lol

Yeah, very likely Josh is a good ole boy, no problem wiff dat eh.
Hmmm, just another realtor who thinks he knows all about keeping water out of basements.

1:25…‘Get some top soil and put it around your foundation…go about 6 inches high and slope it away’ ](,)](,)](,)](,)](*,)

Josh, are you an expert on basement waterproofing or a realtor? #-o

Eh ahhhhhh, what homeowners really need to do/have done is…find, identifty the ACTUAL problem(s) and then ummm, FIX IT!!!

Raising and sloping the dumb az GRADE or extending downspout extensions 8 miles long does not, has not…identified how/where the water is actually getting in!
NOR does the top soil or longer expensions FIX anything!!! ](*,)

Here Josh, homeowner raised and sloped the grade 1 1/2’…did THAT identify and repair the ACTUAL problems/defects as to WHY water got in the dang basement?
…eyeball the first 28 photos
Eh Josh, the house was SOLD like this…buyer moves in and first decent rain it leaks!
It leaked because…lol, nobody identified the actual EXISTING problems/defects and didn’t disclose and repair/waterproof them!!! Can you say, LAWSUIT…got milk?

Another raised and sloped grade…did it stop water from entering, yes or no?

So many THINK they have the right answers for leaky basements, pftttttt!
Stay with what YOU do best Mr Josh Sutton at Dalton and Company Realtors in Lynchburg VA :mrgreen:

Hey John, you should post your reply on his Youtube video comment section as well. That way, when people stumble across it on google searches they can see your more accurate comment(s).

Mr Frederick :wink:

Was going to but recently the ‘tube’ now wants me to join google + in order to comment on those vids,was never asked this SHTT before. (if that makes any sense, lol). I’ve tried commenting on some of those youtube vid’s and that’s what happens and I don’t want the dang google + lol.

Was going to/still might email Mr Sutton…see if he REALLY wants to learn something in order to help his clients as best he can on this subject. Got milk?