Homeowner has plexiglass, wood etc all along his back basement wall, leaky basement

So they want to raise and slope the grade? Here you go, quite extreme. looollll

He has plexiglass and wood up against his back wall (basement leaks) and underneath he added a lot of soil.

He also installed more downspouts and 1:20 you can see how LONG the downspout extension is… loooooooooooool

And he continues to get water in basement, yep.

He doesn’t get as much water in basement as he did BEFORE doing all these things but he still gets quite a bit of water in his basement, especially on those longer, heavier rains.

That’s because, he has exterior cracks, cracked parging in his block basement walls and as has been said before, raising and sloping the grade and all this other nonsense doesn’t fix/waterproof ANYTHING, any exterior cracks etc.

All this stuff might do, for awhile, is slow down the amount of water that gets in.

And this is exactly how many BUYERS of homes get screwed. They’re told the previously leaky basement was supposedly solved by mudjacking slabs or raising and sloping the grade etc, nonsense, all rookie incompetent crrrap, cheap people who want to pass the problem and COST of fixing it on to the next homeowner, yeppppppp.