just another previously installed interior basement system and sump

Why did the homeowner call us?
Why is it still leaking?
Why is there more mold and efflorescence on the basement walls?
Some cracks are getting worse, widening.
How much money did another homeowner throw out the window?

This guy, a supposedly more believable guy because in the video, he doesn’t swear, says…
1:20 " 99% of basement waterproofing is done from the inside of the basement", and says, “The PROPER way to waterproof a basement, to guarantee that it NEVER leaks, has NOTHING to do with digging on the outside”

Hmmm, the first video clearly shows that an interior basement system was installed that did not stop water from entering, didn’t stop mold/efflorescence on blocks.
Is the basement DOC, a believable guy now? He may come across to some people as believable but I guarantee anyone, on this subject and what he says in his video, he’s deceptive, misleading, omits material facts.
Is that what homeowners what to hear and hire? Apparently so! Lotsa luck.