4 sale caption claims basement was waterproofed.... lol


‘The basement has been waterproofed, includes a sump pump and has a lifetime warranty on the waterproofing, waterproofing warranty requires a $50 per year payment’

May i ask the realtor why he didn’t show the basement in video? yeah

If they installed an interior drainage system and sump pump and the walls were not waterproofed then, the basement was NOT ‘waterproofed’.

Show me, the potential buyer the WALLS.

Interior systems do not ‘waterproof’ a basement. At best, they’ll divert incoming water under floor, around perimeter to a sump pump, that’s water diversion.

If one doesn’t STOP the water from where it’s actually entering then one won’t stop/prevent mold, efflorescence. Show us the foundation WALLS, then i might sing a different tune. Amazing, i’ve never charged one cent for any 20 year warranty, maybe Bubba should change that huh, maybe charge $25 per lolol , this business is a scam, a joke

False claims, omitting material facts.

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You tell it, Mark! :grin:

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