Just building my new web site, feedback?

Thanks in advance for ANY feedback, i realize what im asking for. Site went live today, so the seo is non existant, now. Any thoughts, ideas to add or remove stuff are greatly appreciated.


Mike: The Black background makes the text a little hard to read. The $10,000 Honor Guarantee words are blended into the background. Pretty good site, though, maybe more colour & links, and less text. IMO

I like a Phone Number somewhere neat the top of the page myself

You might wish to show a link so we know where to look.

Is this it?

Auger Enterprises, Inc.
Quality work for a fair price. Call today (401) 578 - 4878

You are doing some kind of work?

Needs some more Color IMO.

Made some changes, appreciate the advice, i’ll be adding some more links soon. I went a bit bolder and brighter too…still getting the hang of the building thing…i wish they made a dark back ground honor grad logo like the other nachi one…


Nice site, very informative. I would still maybe even go a little lighter with the background, oh and I +1ed all of your pages when I was there.


Mike looks better however there is a place for dark backgrounds.
My www.chicagopropertyinspection.com site jumps out at you on cell phones because of the backdrop and when going light looks terrible.

Mike, having 3 domains with identical content is a good way to get banned from Google before you get started. Change the other two domains to have totally different content or just redirect to your main site for now.

my laptop has a polished screen
i tilt to avoid glare/reflection and old fart eyes
fyi: your line under the main header basically disappears for the Division tabs
there may be others that will pass over and look elsewhere

Mike I am glad for you and love to see all the support given to help you . I have no idea on web sites took me five years to learn how to post pictures on the forum.
Nachi Rocks Great members great help .

I’ll play with coloer, your site really does pop. thanks.

I changed it to redirect, dont want to hurt my listing, thanks Dom.

Good point, I’ll find a way to make it more pronounced.


A couple of mispells to look at.

Under company history information- 4th paragraph- last sentence.

I also never want to do a paid inspection on my own work, I couldn’t do both services in an unbiased way, so I keep** out **divisions separate.

and last paragraph

Weather it’s a fellow tradesman, or an accountant, or an attorney, or a printer

As a former top-producing REALTOR, I would never use an inspector who also offers “handy man” services for obvious reasons.

I have wrestled with that wording since i went small in 2007, you’re right though it does have a mickey mouse lack of quality to it. I guess contractor is actually correct…im working on that too…

I wouldn’t use an inspector who offers any contractor services. You really need two separate websites IMHO.

Word of advice…get this topic up into the members only area. Never post looking for a critique in the John Q. Public area.:wink: