OUR NEW WEBSITE ready to view

INACHI brothers I am Inviting you to view our NEW website at: www.indoormicrobialspecialist.com

Any comments are really appreciate. Thanks!

R/ John

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Just my opinion…Very wordy.


Thanks. for your comments.

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Site doesn’t support https so my browser blocked it.


No need for multiple posts.


Didn’t properly re-size to fit on my screen with my resolution set down, notice LH side.


NAP ~ name/address/phone number not prominent/visible on landing page.

Scroll down a little to view the teenie little phone numbers.
Good luck!


Hi John, welcome back!

You asked for comments so here you go. Like @pgiannino mentioned too wordy and I think its because you’re attempting good SEO but it will be a turn off to your viewers.


Who told you to do this? This was ok and overused somewhere around 15-20 years ago. Regardless of whether or not it works for SEO (which I don’t think it will, I’m no expert but I think Google changed its algorithims to ignore sites that still use this technique), its tacky and looks amateurish. Like a Craigslist ad from 15-20 years ago…


Hello David, you are absolutely correct. My legacy website was 19 years old and did not have a security certificate, so Google flagged it as suspicious and removed my high-power listing on top of the google map search. So, I had to develop this website in a matter of weeks but I have to do basically most of the editing and SEO… I just kept those keywords because they worked in the past. I am still working with this site. I will be taking them down soon…So from making over 350K a year once Google flagged me, I am down… I am probably one of the oldest members of InterNACHI going back to when Nick started. No sweat kind of semi retire… Anyhow thanks for your feedback…

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If I could say, I opened your website up on my phone and I don’t see your phone number at the top. That should be at the top of every page. I think Marc mentioned that in his post too. Just a minor formatting issue, but please see the attached screenshot of how your phone number renders