Website Review

Hi guys and gals, I am having HG refresh my site. I’m looking for feedback with what they have so far. Any suggestions for improvements are welcome. (FYI some content is missing, ie sample report, etc…)

That looks great. Really nice set up. Your prices seem low but maybe it’s an area thing.

Get your prices off your website. Folks have zero incentive to pick up the phone and call you.

Nice and clean


Do you want some criticism?

It looks good. What template is it?

Yes nick you can criticize it.
Frank I’m not sure what theme it is. I let HG take control of that.

The main issue, you are missing your NAP. Without NAP, you have no SEO.

Top right has your web address listed on your website. What’s up with that?

Top right, your email address is not live-linked. It’s a dead link. No visitor can click on it and email you.

I would add the webseal: instead of just the InterNACHI logo.

I would add the “Call Me Now” button:

Your page URL’s aren’t very SEO friendly, such as:

On that page, near the bottom, you link to InterNACHI’s education page. I wouldn’t. I’d link to your transcript:

I don’t see a sample report on your sample report page:

Just some style issues. The syntax of your phone number on this page: is different than your home page.

One of your main three titles under the homepage slider is misspelled. You spelled it:

In your Services tab it shows that you hold many certifications for your various ancillary inspections, however on your About page you highlight only one: Deck Inspector. Which makes you look like you only inspect decks to the visitor who only clicks your About page:

Can you maintain and edit this site yourself? Or do you have to rely on your “webmaster”?