Just for fun only!


The link and the attachment are for fun only and in no way represent any living creature or my opinion but is to lighten our lives.

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Oh oh…

I guess OAHI will be cutting off the hydro, internet access, water, and will be placing tire spike strips across the parking lot entrance to stop this company from misuse of RHI!

Caveat - No OAHI BOD/Committees were harmed in the posting of this info.

Thanks for the laugh. Did you post this on the OAHI CAFE so Dave Bottoms could go off on a tirade. He prbably thinks that NACHI owns this business. :slight_smile:

Nice find Allan! You should ask them if you can buy a membership for a buck and then stick it on the side of your truck. Thanks again for putting together the fall arrest training in Burlington.


Love the RHI ,made my day thanks
George and Allan how did your meeting go .
How was attendance how was the exam .
I am sure all would love a report .

Roy Cooke

Thanks for the replies on a a bit of fun, we all need to laugh once in a while to remember that life is here to enjoy it! I did not post this on any other sites, I felt it was best appreciated here.
As for the fall arrest training, it was a good day with 12 inspectors. The material covered was basic training with much of the material relevant to industry or construction sites. But every bit of safety training helps bring us home to our families every night, that was the basic plan. We all got certificates and met some great inspectors and some new friends.

All the best to everyone

ACISS Home & Commercial Inspections

I’ll second that Allan. The training was very decent, it added a wallet card to our collection of certificates which may become mandatory sooner or later. It is mandatory according to one of the inspectors at the Realtors without borders trade show in Hamilton?! These sessions are a good opportunity for decent inspectors with equal goals to share some thoughts.


George Mendes