Good article in Real Estate Marketing online.

Also see this link…

The former Chairman of the Discipline Committee of OAHI has some interesting opinions. See the last post!

That is an excellent article Nick. There seems to be some upside to marketing seller inspections.

Before coming to the Nachi website, I thought OAHI was the only game in town. Some great forums here show me differently.


**NACHI is OAHIs best kept secret. Just remember OAHI is not the only voice of the home inspection profession in Ontario! And can no longer claim that.

**We are all here to help one another as equals not as subordinates

I couldn’t agree more Ray. In the last month since joining Nachi I have received more helpful information than my last year at OAHI. In fact after spending many hundreds of $$$ on membership and courses to upgrade my status the only thing that I have gotten out of it are some nice looking certificates from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. I have been waiting for my report verification for almost 10 weeks now so that I can apply for an upgrade. My membership is coming up for renewal with OAHI and it’s doubtful that I’ll renew as Nachi seems to offer everything I’m looking for and more. And the best part is that you don’t have to be among the good ol’ boys club if I need any answers.

As far as prelisting inspections go, well I have been trying to push this idea on realtors for the last year, as I feel this is the next logical step for inspections to go. I have even gone as far as dropping in on them at open houses and presenting them with a whole marketing package. (It’s on my web site) Some like the idea and agree with it. But for the most part many are reluctant are just can’t bother.](*,)



The unfortunate part is that anyone who is a member of OAHI is entitled to use RHI. It is stated right in PR 158. Unfortunately OAHI has fraudulently and pruposely hidden that fact from its members. It is in contravention of the Act, but don’t tell anyone its a big, big secret so that special interests and power trippers can get off on their authority.

OAHI revenues are down because membership is down. The financial data has been altered to mislead the membership. Anyone who carefully scrutinizes the statements will see that.

When I went to OAHI lawyers office to review the Membership Registry (the only member to ever do so after being stiffled every time I asked) Friends of OAHI are being counted as full members. That fact alone raises serious questions about the accuracy of the Registry, which further raises questions about the financial statements and revenues.

You have a home here.


Thanks Ray,

It’s always good to have a place to go to hang one’s hat or warm their feet by the fire. :nachi:

And even better now that we have some new members!

Welcome aboard Mark! Lots of room in here for everyone.

Nachi prelisting inspections gets top billing on REM Website.

National Cert. discussion gets top billing on REM Website.

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