just joined !!!!!!


My name is Rob Marroquin…I just joined NACHI…

My company name in 5M HOME INSPECTION,in redding ca

just wanted to say hey,and hope to meet some new people

Hope you all are doing great…!!!:smiley: Hope to get some tips…let me know

Welcome aboard. I hope you find the NACHI experience a good one. The message board is the best place to start. Have a good week reading all you can. It is a wealth of information.


Welcome aboard, Robert!
Let me know if I can be of any help.
Spend time on the board - the info here, esp in Members Only, is invaluable!

thank you!!!

thank you!!!

Robert, see:
http://www.nachi.org/chapterlist .
If no one is near you, it may be time to create a chapter.