Worst furnace install ever

I have been in the HVAC business since I was 18 years in age and yesterday I observed the worst install that I have ever seen it was in the attic of a two story house. The unit was installed before the siding was put in place thru the gable end and they had to cut 6 roof supports to make it fit. The excess holes were in two different bedroom ceiling closets and all that was visible of the furnace was the gas valve. Could not see the burner chamber. I have no idea how any one every performed maintenance. Well yes I do they did not do any maintenance. I wished I could of taken some pic’s but there was no room to even get a camera in the excess hole.:shock: :shock: </IMG></IMG>

Sounds like someone is going to have a real problem someday.

I like the owners that want the old furnace removed from the furnace closet and the new one installed in the attic. Then they complain that they have to empty out the closet including racks so you can get access to the furnace.

Yeah Gary I have had a few of those kind too don’t have a clue what they want and won’t listen to anyone.

That furnace I had Thursday was the crazyest thing I have every run into. The Client was explained to by me and the realtor what was going to be involved in the replacement of the furnace which was an old GE close to twenty in age. The Gable would have to be opened again or remove the shingles and decking on the roof to get the furnace out and hopefully re-locate the furnace to a more desirable location. The shingle on the roof had approximately 5 to 7 years of remaining life. The worst case this first time home buyer was going to be spending roughly 10 Grand on a new heating system and probally a new set of shingles within the first few years of ownership I guess some folks just have more money than common sense.