Whats missing Here??

It actually took me a minute of looking at it to realize what was missing. I guess when you are so use to seeing it there all the time, when its not it takes a minute to realize it.


I see the duck tape is still attached, which was probably holding the vent in place. :slight_smile:

The upper portion was still in the attic, who knows where the rest went.

Is that a 2X3 wall. Looks like something I would see in one of the old US Steel houses around here. (Post WWII 800 sq ft 3 BR 1 Bath)

that is one of the new ventless furnaces, don’t see any problem.:smiley:

How many dead??

Did they partially decommission a gas furnace to strictly a heat pump? Just using the gas units blower fan?

Your getting sleepy,sleeeepy, sleeeeepy.your dead!