Just like the Government to even think of stopping work on a ship 41% complete.

Theres nothing wrong with canceling something already in production. The money spent is a sunk cost and has no bearing what so ever on whether production should continue. One big problem with people running the government is that they don’t understand sunk costs.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 1 percent or 99 percent complete. If it doesn’t make sense to continue. There’s no point in spending even an additional 1 percent.

Juan, that is true. Most people don’t think like that.

“Sunk” costs… no play on words intended.

What you fail to realize is that although only 41% complete, millions has been spent in ordering engines, electronics and equipment necessary and required to fit in the units as they get assembled. You have to have load outs of equipment in all the sections before they can be joined together.
That involves a lot of pre-purchased, already in storage from vendors awaiting delivery equipment.

At this point, it would cost more to scrap it then to continue.

But the government has been known to have done illogical decisions before.