U.S Navy To Deploy EM Railgun

Check this out.

Quite a weapon, huh!!

It was initially intended to be installed on the new DDX 1000 at the ship yard, but will not happen due to the railgun still in the design stage, it was to late for the first ship.

Here are the pictures of the first 1000 series destroyers. Three of them are in the works now at Bath. One is in the water, one on the land level and one coming down the assemble building where I work.

These ships are all electric and can produce enough power to light up a small city and/0r the Railgun. :slight_smile:

The DDG 1000 looks like a spaceship.
Not like the Adams Class or the Kidd Classdestroyers I served on.

Yep, looks like the Adams Class is in the grave yard and the Arliegh Burke has taken over the Kidd. :wink:

The Arliegh Burke Class restart is started over again. % of them have been awarded to Bath Iron Works here in Bath and 5 more at the Ingall’s ship yard in the South.

They’re only a couple of Billion dollars a piece. ;):mrgreen:

Gorgeous ship. Looks like something from outer space. Intimidating.

Good stuff. Must be an awesome thing to be part of that build.

Looks stealthy.

Big deal
Here is what Canada will be using so you just watch out

Yeah, quite a weapon, for sure.

These picture are fantastic, where you work, Marcel. The ships make one feel pretty small, eh? :shock:

I thought that was Sarah Palin’s boat.

No hers has no paddle;-)

That boat is from down your way. Chincoteague, Va.

Explains a lot.

Jealous ? I bet you just cant get one. lolol

Jealous of your weather, maybe. Your boat. No

70 forecast for today so all is well.

Well it is a dreamy fishing boat.lolol and just think any invading country meeting that .:wink: