Just luv FP & Handyman

And my new digital camera lets me take larger pics and up close, Santa came late this year. I can smell the burning buss bar and all of the other messes this guy left behind

Sorry for the thread drift Charley, but, nice pics. What kind of camera???

He said it was a digital :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Sorry I just couldn’t help myself :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H3 I bought the additional 1G chip and can take 6000+ images before download sure beats the heck out of the old Floppy I was using

I usually have to strain to see the pictures posted on the message board but your pictures are great. Nice close-up detail!

I have to admit, as much as FPE are dangerous panels, that one is just real dirty.
Those colors on the buss are not discolored by heat. They are simply discolored. I have seen it a hundred times.
I’m not sure why they discolor with such…colors.

I’m jealous … I have the DSC-H1 :wink:

This is my second Stab-Lok this week How does that main breaker look? … A little cracked up? :shock:

Daskus_Homestead_3_9_08 055.jpg

Daskus_Homestead_3_9_08 059.jpg

Daskus_Homestead_3_9_08 063.jpg

Daskus_Homestead_3_9_08 055A.jpg

It’s about time you bought a camera made in this century Charlie:p

Exactly…thus the reason for my question. May HI’s speak of their new cameras, but have seen little difference in the pic’s posted here. There is a significant difference in Charleys’. I can actually see clear detail. Thanks. :smiley:

The DSC-H3 has a 2cm focus in Macro mode.
That is why the great closeups.

Thanks :smiley: