Just made CMI

Thanks to all who have helped me in NACHI, especially in these bad financial times.

Just made CMI.

Congratulations .

Glad to here it Will.
Thought you were CMI going on 30years by now though.

F you, very much, Bob. :smiley:

I ain’t that old, get, my good man.

That was a double en tundra (sorry to lazy to check spelling).
Also a compliment.

Congrats Will!

Well done Sir!!:smiley:

Well done my man.!

Congrats Will

Congratulations William.


What made you decide to wear the orange shirts?

I am looking forward to watching your Nachi TV Building Science course.

Keep up the good work. Now you con shoot for CMEI. This is a designation that I would like to obtain one day.

Congratulations Will.


I assumed you were already a CMI…Congrats!

When I was forming my company, the only shirts that they had im my size, from the logo company, were orange. I have found it to be a good “trademark” and “branding” thing. When asked by the client, I say that I wear the orange shirt so that if I die in a crawlspace, it will be easier to find my body. Also good when the cleint gets all picky about cosmetic issues. I just point to the shirt and say, “You are gonna ask me about questions of taste and style? With my fashion sense?”

What is CMEI?

Classic Will.

And congratulations on becomming a CMI. :smiley:

Congrats will. What all did you have to go through to get your CMI?


Sorry I mis spoke. It is CMEA

I heard your charged $750 for this certification. I don’t see that on the website. Can someone verify this for me?