First CMIs in Saskatchewan, each with over 5,000 inspections performed.

Congrats fellas!

Welcome aboard Garry and Greg !

congratulations !


congrats on a marvelous amount of inspections, dont you guys ever sleep? giggle

Congrats guys!!

Congratulations !

Great Job Guys !!! Congrats

Congrats guys, great job

Way to go, guys! Don’t be shy about using the logos.

Welcome to the CMI family guys. Congrats.

Don’t forget to insert your website URL to this directory.

Congratulations dudes!!

BTW Do I have to be a iNACHI member to be a CMI? not that I have a problem with iNACHI , just asking.

Mario you know full well you don’t have to be a member to be a CMI and apparently you don’t have to be a CMI approved school in order to advertise falsely as some do that one is an approved school.

No. The Certfied Master Inspector professional designation is open to all inpectors. 1-time, life-time fee. No annual dues.