Roof Inspection Camera with Pole

Hi Everyone,
I’m a prospective member in the process of research/due diligence into home inspection.

I see that the Standards of Practice for the roof states that the inspector does not have to climb on a roof to inspect it:
IV. The inspector is not required to:

  1. walk on any roof surface.

Not that I wouldn’t climb on some roofs if needed, but looking for recommendations/advice on using pole cameras for roof inspections.

Is there an affordable brand that has both the camera and the pole?

What’s your experience been using this type of equipment for roof inspections?

I’m also looking into drones for roof inspections as an fyi.

Would appreciate any recommendations.


The easiest thing to do is roll your own camera pole. Start with an old paint roller and pull the metal part off the handle. Drive a 1/4 20 bolt through the handle from inside so it protrudes a bout a 1/4 inch. Now you have your pole mount for a painters pole. Look on Amazon for a bluetooth remote camera button. If you already have a blue tooth camera you’re in business.

If not, look on amazon again and find a tripod mount for your phone. Screw the mount on your camera pole piece and put your phone on the mount. Most cheap blue tooth buttons will work your phone camera. If you use your phone I recommend putting a stout rubber band around the phone and phone mount for security.

This arrangement works fine if you don’t need it alot. The main disadvantage is you can’t really see what you’re taking a picture of.


If you want to use a camera pole, I suggest you get get a camera with wi-fi and blue tooth. Then you can connect to your smart phone and see what you are taking pictures of. You can also remote access the zoom function on many cameras with your phone.
I use the Nikon B500. Note that when you have your pole extended it is hard to keep steady, at least for me.
I still climb some roofs and I also have a drone. Each inspection is different.
Good Luck!


Thank you, Bob,
Appreciate all of that detailed information!

Thank you, Joseph,
Appreciate the input!

Wonder pole with a ferret camera attached is what we use. I generally put my iPhone on it and take a video and take screen shots of what I want from the video.

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I use a 30 foot Eye Stick and my Canon camera wifi connects to be Samsung S10, the camera is controlled from the S10 and I can zoom in as needed. Eyestick is available by contacting


There’s a large home inspection franchise that’s switching to work with 360° cameras on a pole to take roof pictures. Since it’s 360° you have no issue aiming it right. They use it inside as well, and with a photo or two per room their software can even create floorplans automatically. The software they use is and the camera and boom kit Docusketch sells for it is, I believe, around $500.

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Thank you, Daniel!

Thank you, Randy!

Thank you, Edwin!

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If you really want to be able to see the roof and provide detailed info get a drone, at this era with current technology and capabilities drone rooftop inspections where the roof is not safe to walk is getting to be expected.

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Thanks for the input, Paul!

If you get a drone, that you’ll be using for business, make sure you get registered with the FAA.


Edwin! You’re no fun!
Here’s my illegal roof pics from Thursday. :grimacing:


I use the “Spectoscope” (sp) that they sell at the inspector outlet and use a Nikon Coolpix W300. 90% of the roofs around where I am are tile, And I very seldom will walk a tile roof. It is just not in my opinion worth risking the breaking of a tile or Being Accused of breaking tiles. (I know some inspectors that have had this accusation thrown at them). The Spectoscope will easily do 2 story roofs. and even the third story in a pinch.
Very few overhead power line in my area so the metal pole is not normally a problem. I do have an older first version of the spectoscope that is fiberglass if I need it for safety around power lines but it is very heavy. The pole has also come in handy a few times to peek into attics where they are blocked by shelves and you cant get a ladder under it or your head up in it. A WiFi camera on a short selfi-stick is also a handy tool sometimes also.

Inspecting a roof with a pole is easier than falling off a roof.



I don’t think you’ll ever get in trouble for not having a drone license. But I don’t want to think about the conversation with your insurance when one day the battery fails mid-flight and the drone lands on the hood of some expensive car, or worse, on a bystander who ends up in the hospital. Your insurance will ask “did you have a license to operate that?” and if you don’t they’ll be sooo happy to deny your claim!

I don’t think the FAA license is hard to get, or expensive.


Thank you, Larry
Appreciate the input!

What type of Drone do you use?

DJI Mavic Air
I prefer a camera pole lately so the drone police will stop chasing me… … … :cowboy_hat_face: