Just Plain Old

I’m sure most of us have run across just plain old, worn out roofs. Sometimes the clients/sellers are aware of the problem and this has been part of the negotiations prior to the inspection (not that we should care about that) and sometimes not. I often explain that roofs are a lot like car tires…they eventually wear out and no one likes buying new ones, and they are expensive. It would be wise to get 3 estimates from licensed roofing contractors for the cost of replacement in the future.

In the current condition, the** roof does not leak**, shingles laying flat, but asphalt backing is exposed. Over time, this condition will accelerate the deterioration of the roofing system leading to eventual failure. Just curious how others report this. Defect and need of immediate replacement? Maintenance-Monitor for eventual replacement? Or something else?

Not sure how other States define the word “defect”, but in Wisconsin, “Defect” means a condition that would have a significant adverse effect on the value of the Property; that would significantly impair the health or safety of future occupants of the Property; or that if not repaired, removed or replaced would significantly shorten or adversely affect the expected normal life of the premises.

It’s not a defect it’s a condition.
And the condition is “poor”.

“Recommend replacement of composition shingle roofing in poor condition, cracked, deteriorated.”


It certainly is material defect as defined.

The roof covering has exceeded it’s useful service life and should be budgeted for replacement.

Maybe that was already figured into the price so it’s no longer “Significant”

Not your job.

I seldom know the details of a deal on the table.:shock:

It will always be ‘significant’ until the situation gets corrected, as it will always be a potential for risk/$$$$ loss until it is, and is irrelevant of the sale price.

Observe, document, suggest and advise, let the buyer decide. If it is bad, it’s bad. You do not need to use words such as “serviceable” or “significant” or “useable”.

I never do :slight_smile:

Looks as bad as a roof I replaced last summer when I had my other hat on.

Heck that’s nothing. :mrgreen:

My point exactly! :smiley: