Just use a jumper

to energize the other side of the sub panel…:smiley:

Curious and seriously… did you call out that missing knockout?

Yes along with the rest of the panel as well. :mrgreen:

Thank you. I always wondered if others do as well, irregardless of the other issues.

Is the pic sideways or is that the way it was mounted?


Is that lamp wire coming out of the bottom left breaker?

It does look a lot like lamp or zip cord.

I see this crap all too often, and usually recommend removal or replacement in lieu of “corrections.”

It’s apparently being back-fed by a single-pole breaker, and the jumper is being used to supply power to (what should be ) the opposite leg of 120V. In addition, it appears to be a sub panel, in which case the neutrals should be isolated from the enclosure. This is most certainly a “home owner” installation.

I always call out missing KO’s.

As do I, but this one would be for a different reason that the typical missing knockout, would it not? :neutral:

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. The missing KO is insignificant compared to the rest of the issues, if that’s where you’re going…

The fact that the missing knock out was against wood also will prevent entry of forgien debris and animals. Like you said the knockout is the minimal.

The whole garage was wired by the previous owner and it showed.

Exactly, and I agree it is a lesser issue, but it is still an issue.

Sadly unless I can find nothing else to gripe about the knock outs usually go undocumented. Many times the panels with missing knock outs have far more issues to focus on.

Although the wood does keep stuff out of the KO it doesn’t satisfy the NEC requirement where the seal has to be a material equivalent to the enclosure.

Exposed wood can catch on fire. The purpose of the enclosure is to contain the fire.

I would call out a missing ko quicker than I would two neutrals under one screw.

now you know Me…I would call out BOTH just as quick…lol