Knock out plugs

Do you guys all report the absence of of knockout and panel plugs. I just came back from a home that was gutted by fire. The panel box was missing plugs on the side. A fire started inside the box and jumped out the missing plug and totally destroyed this house. I would post picture of the house, but I am no longer a member and do not have that privilege.

FYI - it was determined by the fire investigator that this is how the fire spread. Had the plug been in place, the home may still have burned down, but it would have taken more time, which could have saved the house. Right now the home is completely gutted and is ready for renovation.

Always do.

I hope no one was injured at the home you were at.

I would agree and dissagree on this one. I always call them out as a safety issue. Most aftermarket panel plugs and knockout covers are plastic so how would they keep the fire from spreading? Just a thought.

I’ve always opined that the plastic plug in a metal enclosure is technically a code violation since it’s not metal.

Learn somthing new every day. I have never called them up due to my own ignorance.

Always call them out when I find them.

Seen knock outs missing on a signed off panel. Nice new installation. Client could not believe that they did not see it,
nice ESA sticker too not more than 6 inches away.

Sprinklers work well and save lives and homes to simple .