Just read through that.
To be fair some of the stuff is minor and who moves a dryer out from the wall?

What people do not realize is that there is no Mike Holmes Inspection.Inspectors sign up to get called and take a cut for the referral.
Anytime you call a Sears,Home Depot type franchise for a contractor you will always over pay because of the middleman cut and often the labor showing up is not all that delightful due to the self pity of not getting a full cut.
Simple logic.

I wonder if Mikey will go back with a sledge hammer and start doing a real inspection now??

The guy is in the ENTERTAINMENT business.:smiley:
He will now make cartoons.

Already there…he’s described in the article as a cartoon character…POPEYE with the bulging arms…LOL.

Going to save the world??? Goes any place he can gain some press!! Don’t think he left any infrastructure that continues to help finish cleaning up the New Orleans mess. Still a large portion of the population that left are not coming back…but he got a series show out of it.

Now will he do the same for Haiti and get another series? Perhaps he should donate some of the large $$$$$ he’s making to a well chosen relief organization that will at least supply them with tents, clean water, food and sanitation…they don’t need a house from Mikey now!!

As I mentioned in another thred on Mike, he simply sold his name and rep to the highest bidder. They then set up the inspection company and hired out the lowest cost inspection firms to do the inspections. Mistakes will be made and it will come round to bite him. Going to be interesting when someone sues him personally, especially if they think Mike is going to “make it right”.
Ps speaking of mistakes check out the last post of mine on Can someone provide the right answer?
I mean I could be wrong?