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Holmes on Homes Review

Holmes on Homes- Mike Holmes Claims He is the Most Trusted Contractor in North America
I recently picked up the April 2009 edition of Canadian Home Workshop. The front page shows the concerned look of Mike Holmes sitting on the tailgate of a truck. This rising Star of HGTV Holmes on Homes boasts of being The Most Trusted Contractor in North America. An article in the Canadian Workshop reveals some questionable feelings some of his closest colleagues have about him. Jim Caruk- host of HGTV Real Renos, and fellow judge on Handyman Superstar Challenge suggests there can be two sides to renovation woes. But sadly the audience only gets one side of the story from Mike Holmes. Jim goes on to say that what sets their shows apart is that; it’s about real money, real time, real heartache. In other words, it’s not a superhero show. “Just Ask Jon Eakes”, another home-improvement show that ran for six years on HGTV and hosted by Jon Eakes, appeared on Holmes’ show early on. Eakes remembers filming in an attic space with Mike. "He was going on about how the duct work wasn’t up to code and I thought, ‘OK, this is his show, don’t contradict him on camera.’ But I knew he was wrong. The code didn’t say anything about the detail he was pointing at, so, in a way, it was code: just not his code.:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:


**What happened between Holmes and Caruk???:shock:

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Mike Holmes is an insult to the legitimate inspector! Without qualifications and the “star” of a well oiled (read financed by sponsorship) show where he “discovers” faults while using an ax and jackhammer (where ordinary inspectors only inspect what is visible and accessible), he prides himself in stinging unsuspecting inspectors and boasts about it!

What a jackass!

As for that infamous CBC Marketplace “Show” last January, I asked the CBC Ombudsman for equal rebuttal time, where I intended to catch Holmes in the same kind of trap he caught some Home Inspectors in, but as usual the CBC loves to get our tax money but cannot afford corporate responsibility in answering!

Never forget Mike Holmes only has one boss: Mike Holmes!

Gilles R. Larin

Mike Holmes School

This wall isnt code!

Oops, there is lath behind that plaster, dam… I hurt my hand :frowning:


Too funny Mark!

Here is a couple of great episodes for your enjoyment :slight_smile:

Mike Holmes is obvious not a NACHI member,because he would know that he shall not engage in any practice that could be damaging to the public or discredit to the home inspection industry???

Funny thing…The more I see Little Mikey on TV, the more ammo I get to tell folks how smart he is (NOT). Couple of nights ago, was watching HGTV while writing a report and he is on in one of his pre-“I’m a home inspector” shows. He tells the public that the “most efficient on the market” wood burning fireplace insert that his people just installed will hold a fire for 20 HOURS!!!

Who edits these programs…Mike???

Thanks Mark for showing us how great Mike is not , Very nice …Roy

The problem is that Mike ‘owns’ the market and has millions of viewers who follow his every move and word. I have already been asked why I wouldn’t cut a hole in a wall because “Mike does”.:roll:

Maybe we should be trying to find a way to work with Mr. Holmes rather than against him. He is a media giant, and other that that little guy in the bible who struck down the giant with a sling shot, there is a depressing history of little guys like us going up against giants and getting crushed. Now I don’t know about you guys, but my gigantic television show was just canceled :smiley: which now leaves Mike Holmes as the biggest media guy around. Isn’t it time to try to work with him and possibly change his ways rather than ‘tilting at windmills’? I’m just sayin’ . . . . . .

My answer is because Mike is a TV personality and not a home inspector. On TV he is there as a contractor doing work on the home, and is being paid to not only demolish the home, but put it back together. Were he doing a real home inspection on someone’s house he wouldn’t be damaging it.

So doing the inspection, then telling someone else in your employ, to damage it is totally acceptible :roll: as an inspector. In what association is this allowed?

Interesting Business concept;-)

good one:)

Its called HGTV

Home Getting Truly Violated Association

I think you missunderstood what I wrote. It’s not acceptible as an inspector period. It is acceptable to cause damage if you are doing a repair. But that’s not a home inspection.

Hi everyone, oh boy…poor Mike Holmes…You all take this guy too seriously, it’s an entertainment show, Mike doesn’t do work anymore he makes quick appearances, trashes his renovation industry, the inspection industry and goes off and makes $25K to speak at a trade show. Meanwhile his inspection company charges twice what you and I would charge, doesn’t adhere to any standards of practice and one day he will be caught in his own sting practices because everyone likes to bring the big dawgs down a notch…anyone who can get us making more money for an inspection is okay by me. I’ll bet that they filmed a dozen or so inspectors and only aired the inexperienced (I’m being kind) rather than the resonable cross section that actually showed up, remember that this was a puff piece to highlite Mike’s new inspection business. funny how you never hear the other third of the story on Mike’s shows. (the cheap homeowner) (Mike’s view…quite often wrong) & (the contractor following the homeowners requests to stay working)…Cheers!

Thats Good, Mark :slight_smile:

Mike Holmes… I’m sure he’s a nice guy… but.

My wife likes the show… I don’t think it’s realistic at all.

Most contractors get into trouble trying to please customers. Then things get “turned around”… I imagine that’s what happens most of the time with the dingbat, stupid episodes of this show.

It’s TV!!! for crying out loud!!!

What we forget is:

  • People don’t have unlimited budgets… but when Mike saves the day it looks better on TV
  • A lot of contractors “try” to make people happy on the budget they have and things end up going poorly.
  • The same customer that “just wanted this or that” will verbally drag a contractor over the coals the next day if it suits him/her.
  • If every home inspector or contractor could look at things in hind-sight or had X Ray vision… it would all go better.

Maybe the next show will be the guys cleaning up the mess/mistakes that Mike made :slight_smile:

I like this show. It doesn’t seem as realistic as I thought it was going too, but it is entertaining to say the least. All the shows on that channel that bring in an inspector always seem to know what they are doing, but I guess that is what tv wants you to see!