KB homes sues contractors


KB Homes suing subcontractors for structural problems at local community

Shocking what happens when you combine publicly traded stock market companies pressured into keeping their shareholders happy and homebuilding…

I refuse to believe any of this…I know its made up, because it passed code!

This is Andy Smith one of the residents of Willowbrook and the Admin of http://thekbhome.com. KB Home is so unethical, watch some of the news reports on my website. They have ruined our lives here in Willowbrook we have over 50 buildings and the damage is so extensive on these condos that are only a few years old that 3 buildings alone have reportedly cost KB Home over 4 million dollars to repair and they are not even done after close to 1/2 of a year of working on the buildings.

We found that the building would fail the inspection and in the next day or two another inspector would come out and pass the inspections. We have missing and improperly installed hurricane strapping amongst all the other things that are wrong with the buildings.

Guys and Gals, we really need people like you to protect us homeowners. We have lost everything to KB Home and if you want the news reports you will find that we’re not alone. The worst part is the entire system is corrupt, they committed fraud and sold us homes with defects and didn’t disclose it. Good inspectors are the only line of defense to protect homeowners. The builders use non-binding arbitration and run you dry to avoid honoring their warranties.

Our state and local governments won’t even hit them with fines or punishments.

Andy Smith

What many don’t realize is that in these developments they use their own inspectors in conjunction with the local municipal inspectors. I was closely involved in some of these where the AHJ inspector failed something at 4pm and that night around 7pm the on-site inspector for the developer passed it and the project moved on.

What I would like to know is, where were the onsite supervisors who are supposed to make sure things are done correctly? When I worked as a construction manager, it was my job to punch out the work of my subs and make sure they corrected any deficiencies.

The problem is that the builders have gotten rid of the superintendents that had experience because they were getting paid more. Now they are using guys who have no idea how a home is supposed to be constructed. They wait for the county inspector to tell them what is wrong.

You may have been great at your job but many were and are not. I have seen many things missed even years ago. Some is the Florida syndrom.:smiley:

Andy…welcome to our world. If you read this threadthen you know the home inspection industry is coming under attack from special interest groups. We are a small industry that is having a hard time competing with them. Our small budget doesn’t even warrant a courtesy call.

We need guys like you and your organization to email your legislators standing up for us.

I hope you find InterNachi and it’s members are dedicated to giving unbiased independent property condition reports.


Funny how KB Home can just pass the buck on a project that they had a Project Manager on site. Do these builders have zero accountability? More pictures, videos, news, and stories at http://TheKBHome.com

I would love to, but the entire damn state of Florida appears to be corrupt. I know exactly what you’re speaking of.

The homebuilder / GC cannot just hire the cheapest subcontractors that they can find, completely abdicate their supervisory responsibility and expect to have a quality product when all is said and done.

The typical construction super is relegated to being little more than a project schedule coordinator in modern production homebuilding.

Florida is about to exacerbate the situation by hamstringing independent inspectors to satisfy someone’s lobbyist. These new regulations that have been concocted in Florida certainly were not created with the intent to “protect” the public.

KB is the responsible party.

Their Architects designed the FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED stucco installations without weep screeds and without casings to separate the cement stucco from the aluminum window frames.

Their on site supervisors watched the subcontractors do deficient installations.

Their accountants paid the subs for the deficient installations.

KB is tearing off the improperly installed stucco on the second floor wood framed homes in Windy Pines, Port St. Lucie 34986.

I watched these houses being built in 2005 and predicted exactly what is now happening.