Florida weakens building codes.

That is what the title said, not what the article said.

The problem is not more strenuous codes or lacking them up.

I’ve seen homes built in the late 50’es early 60’es that were constructed to today’s standers.
All the proper straps/clips were in place.
It is the code inspectors that is the problem.
Lazy bast*ards

Tell em Roy. We USED to say when building, “Those who can’t inspect” as back then most county or city inspectors were failed contractors or one sort or another. Electric, roofers, plumbers etc…

Your assertions are laughable. Who built the structures that failed? I’m gonna speculate that it wasn’t the inspectors. Think about that for a second . … or a few minutes for you if needed.

Wait… bad contractors who then became incompetent public inspectors
caused other licensed contractors to produce sub-standard housing… Have
you guys really thought this through, or are you truly morons? :lol:

If the inspectors did their jobs correctly then the work would never get passed the redtag so yes it lies on the inspector for NOT DOING THEIR JOBS. Their job is to find the Contractor’s employees f-ups and stop the progression of the job until the problems have been corrected.

See post 6. Re read it slowly. Pause, and repeat process.

“The foxes in charge of the hen house” What’s the problem. Another law sneaks in.

I agree we update the codes too often. I agree that there are times when things are over designed/built.

As for contractors becoming inspectors it is usually due to age and ability to do construction work, historically, but that is probably changing. Secondly, it is possible that a good contractor makes a bad business person, maybe because they can’t compete with those that are cutting the corners and they can’t fully sell their better products/services. Thirdly, the labor market being what it is, it is difficult to find competent or help that is willing to learn in construction. You can blame that on society for telling everyone to go to college and blue collar work is below them.

I have a very successful contractor doing a ride-a-long with me tomorrow, he is coming off a organ transplant and believes that inspections would be better for him.

Best of luck to him on his recovery. That must have sucked :frowning:

Which is why a decided to help him, he will be my competition.

Good Job. Many of us seem to have helped our competition in this biz. Better to compete with friends than enemies I have always said.