Lowballers in SW FL!!!

An agent just forwarded this email to me and I thought I would share it with you all.
I especially like the area they serve. All for $100. I don’t think James Craft is even licensed.:stuck_out_tongue:


Michael Koontz Constructions,Inc.
912 Cimarron Circle
Bradenton,FL 34209
·*** ***Wind Mitigation (Money Back Guarantee) $100 ***
***Wind Mitigation & Four Point $100 ***
Wind Mit, Four Points & Roof Cert $100
***Roof Certification Only $50 ***
******Flood Elevation Certificates (Depending on Location) $250 ***

*** The Big Combo!!!***
*** Any Combination of Inspections is Only $100 ***

*** Turn Around Time 24-48 Hours***
*** Emergencies We Love Them!!!***
*** We DO Inspections SEVEN DAYS a Week!!!***
*** 7:00 AM until Dark… ***


We specialize in Manatee, Sarasota, Hillsborough, Charlotte
Hardee and Desoto Counties……and anywhere else you need us to go!!!

Please make us your one stop shop for all your customer’s inspection needs!!
*** Michael Koontz James Craft***
*** Wind Mitigation Inspector****** Wind Mitigation Inspector***
*** 941-720-7215***
*** jcwindinspections@gmail.com***

Seems tough to beat. I am glad they are not in my area. I guess he needs the work the worse.

He is a licensed residential contractor who cant make it in the construction business, so he has to try and find a way to get people to call for estimates. He then does the estimate (inspection) for which he charges $100 and then tries to get the repair contract.

Want to know what is really funny I’m doing an inspection tomorrow in Bradenton… $900 :smiley:

Where do you get your info?
Do you know him?

Keep it going Joe:D

I had an insurance agent call about one today.

*Recommend by a realtor, 2000+ sq ft for $250 with wind mit and four point for free! The home had rafters, not trusses so they could not do a wind mit or Four point. *

The customer is having me do the wind mit and four point, the realtor is getting an earful. LOL

No Mike, I don’t know him.
I just use my superhuman investigative powers and check his license information with the DBPR. Maybe I should look yours up to and let all your dark secrets be revealed, what say you?



Looks good to me. :):slight_smile:
Sort of like someone doing a mold inspection for $250.
You get what you pay for.

Our prices: http://radonmoldhelp.com/id59.html
everyone have a great day

Bring it, I have nothing to hide. I am proud that I have earned the title of Florida Licensed General Contractor. I think it is bs that you are running your mouth about a guy you know nothing about.:roll:
The easy way to find info is www.myfloridalicense.com

How would you like it if the guy just started assuming untrue things about you and was saying you are just angry because you have no verifiable experience and just started calling yourself a home inspector years ago and now are grandfathered in. What if he lied about you and said you just inventory a house and use as many words as possible to make big fat reports?

I think that would suck if he started lying and assuming things about you. OH YEAH HE IS A CONTRACTOR so he must be bad. What say you?

He must be having his 50% off - going out of business sale! A lot of that going around these days.

Hey Doug,

Last Week I sent you a customer looking for Imported Drywall testing in Tarpon Springs, did you get the job?


I agree with Aubrey on this one. The amount of overhead can in no way be recouped by only charging these rates without picking up added services such as a re-roof, hurricane shutters, or changing windows.
And, as I previously stated, I don’t think that James Craft is even licensed.

I looked up the name on the site and he came up as a contractor. I used 2 out of the 4 names and guessed right it was a 4 part name like-jim slim smith jones or something. www.myfloridalicense.com

Real Estate Sales Associate. No conflicts of interest here!:roll:

The only license that I find for James Cager Craft is an active Realtors Associate license.

Licensee Details Licensee Information Name:CRAFT, JAMES CAGER (Primary Name) ** (DBA Name)** Main Address:912 CIMARRON CIRCLE
BRADENTON Florida 34209
County:**MANATEE ** License Mailing: LicenseLocation: License Information License Type:Real Estate Broker or Sales Rank:Sales Associate License Number:SL673420 Status:Current,Active Licensure Date:03/29/1999 Expires:09/30/2012

There’s no questions about Michael Koontz being licensed, he has his number listed at the top.

Notice that neither of them have a home inspector license, either.

Reece, he could be working for the licensed contractor?

Thanks Joe, but Tarpon springs is 169 miles north of us. Been there twice in the last month but we charge them $1,000 each time to do a swab and take three photos. Takes someone out of the mix, time is money.

I suggested some other CIE’s in Tampa area. He said he would call back if not happy with them.
A CIE or CIEC can get E&O for Defective/chinese Drywall. (he was a lawyer)

Thanks again

View the sample report!:o:o

Another one to add to the ever-growing collection.
It is like shooting fish…on a side walk!

Temperature: Hot93 Degrees :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Some attic areas were inaccessible due to lack of permanently installed walkways, the possibility of damage to insulation, low height and/or stored items. These areas are excluded from this inspection.

All vents should have a small piece of shingle applied to the base of all stack vents, this will seal and prvent driving rain to intrude the vents.
Cost estimate: $ 55.00
Boot installation


And instead of letting his clients know that the duct work should be strapped and stapled, replacement of the failed Owl-Flex duct work would have been a better recommendation.


I think I heard about that guy, I got a call for a 2400 SQ FT+ full inspection with pool and he quoted 300$ with a wind mit and 4 point on a 1996 home. I was asked why my fee was higher. First I explained that they did not need a 4 Point and that I was not a construction company trying to pick up inspection business (no offense John).