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Thanks Bill.

Note about effective date. They said April 4th.

Ohio Home Inspection Law - UPDATE - The Parks Consulting Group, LLC

I posted too soon. I should have gone to the SOS website first. April 5th is the day.

Here is the Official Law:

Does anybody know if we are supposed to be doing anything?

I have signed up on the web site noted above for updates but have not received any yet. You can look up on the Law writer ORC under 4764 and it will give you all of the parameters for getting licensed in the state of Ohio as well as penalties etc. All are prefixed with “effective 4/5/19.” but I do not think the board as even been chosen. For a new inspector like myself it requires passing the NHIE exam. I am scheduled to take that 3/25/19. Other wise, I do not know what else to do at this point. I will certainly post if i learn anything new.

Short answer is you don’t have to be licensed until Nov 2nd…4764.02 is effective that date. All other sections are April 5th.