new to home inspection

Hello all,
first time posting. I recently retired after 40 years in manufacturing. My family has all been in construction and I have worked with them as needed over 40 years. As a part time job after retirement (need something to do) I decided to try home inspection. I just completed a 120 hour HI course and I am in the process of starting a business. I realize that now in Ohio, inspectors will have to be licensed so I am looking into what will be required.
Any suggestions or thoughts will be appreciated.

Take your courses, read through the archives of this forum, while you can, there is a lot of great stuff in the archives. Not sure what will happen when the new platform is launched.
Good luck!

I wish you luck as well. It’s curious that you are just now realizing that you have to be licensed. This makes me wonder how thoroughly you have researched what it takes to become a home inspector and to be competitive in that market. There is a considerable commitment of money and time involved, as well as the willingness and savvy to market oneself effectively.

I have been watching the license bill since the introduction in 2018.It was passed on January 4, 2019. The details of the bill have been changed a few times since the introduction.
I was not sure when or if it was going to be signed, but now that it has signed I am watching for the requirements for licensing. I welcome any information from any Ohio Inspectors/

Ohio apparently just this last week passed the licensing bill. It took time for the politicians to get their “Incentives” (;-);-)) from making massive changes of the original bill and to the detriment of consumers before they agreed to finally sign it into law.