Keeping my Digital pictures from being upside down...Question

Is their a method to make sure my pictures are not turned to
the left or right?


Camera settings… auto orientation… if your camera is equipped. If not, time to upgrade your camera.

Don’t turn your camera the wrong direction. Otherwise you need to rotate them in your software afterwards.

Why golllee, Dom. Such a simple solution to a complex question!

If they are upside down, just stand on your head when you take the pictures. Simple.

The shutter button is usually on the top right. Try it, they may turn out okay after that. :wink:

Exactly…Im trying to cut down on doing it in the software afterwards.
Time is money…just trying to be efficient.

Thanks Jeffrey…

Step further back.
HIP has a super fast rotate in photo edit if that is what you are using.

I still like to go portrait for doors

I use HIPro and rotating is as simple as a clicking a button. Almost no time required.

Very Easy editing in HIPro

Try out it out HERE

And here i thought you stood on your head to take pictures :mrgreen:

Hold the camera correctly, do not rotate it and there you have it a picture you do not have to rotate via software.

Think ahead and save time later.