Keeprite Furnaces

Does anyone have a web link or other information that will allow me to date Keeprite furnaces. They’re not in Prestons. Thanks.

John my copy of Prestons does list some Keeprite gas furnaces p.148, which model are you looking for.

BTW, prestons only lists the NDGG and NUG series from 1988-1989



Mine also.

What’s the model # ?

This page may be some help.

Thanks everyone. Prestons seems to be quite skimpy when it comes to Keeprite. The furnace in question
Model HGF090NS
Serial 71541257G8
wasn’t listed. I was able to find out from another source, the Carson Dunlop reference book, that it is 1987.

Sorry I got here late, although John has things well in hand.

I regularly find CDW’s Technical Reference Guide to be better than Prestons.

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